How To Diet All Year Long Successfully Without Starving!

Francesco Casillo - How To Diet All Year Long Successfully Without Starving!: By: Francesco Casillo

As I mentioned in my first article about fat loss, nutrition is the real key to unleashing the effectiveness of aerobic exercise as well as weight training. In this article I'm going to write about the general nutrition principles that you should follow in order to have a muscular and well defined physique. These principles are based on what physiology states on the matter and/or my personal experience with them. Getting defined through dieting requires you to maintain the balance between the two hormones that control the 'fat storing' and 'fat releasing' processes:"

The Velocity Diet

The Velocity Diet: "The Velocity Diet
A Radical Experiment in Rapid Fat Loss
by Chris Shugart

Warning: The diet outlined below is experimental. If you're looking to lose fat slowly but surely in a comfortable manner, there are several proven plans available in the T-Nation Diet Program section. If, however, you're looking for a way to quickly rip fat off your body, regardless of difficulty, the Velocity Diet may be for you. It's certainly not for everybody.

Do the Opposite

I see fat people. Everywhere I look, gluttony, excess and sluggishness. We are a nation suffocating from body fat. It makes me sick.

Fat has become the norm. Look around. 'Normal' people are largely unhappy, overweight and unsuccessful. Screw. That. The last thing I want to be is average, especially if 'average' means being obese.

Successful people make a habit of doing the opposite. If normal people don't lift weights, then do the opposite and lift weights. If normal people don't take risks, then take risks. If they're afraid to say certain things, then scream those things at the top of your lungs. And finally, if normal people are fat, rise above and be lean."

The Velocity Diet

The Velocity Diet Part II

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