Beast Building

TESTOSTERONE NATION: Beast Building, Part 1
3 Months to Personal Bests and New Found Thickness
by Christian Thibaudeau

"Recently, I said that I hated writing articles giving out specific programs. I feel that as a coach it's a much better approach to explain concepts and techniques, rather than just giving out the application.

Well, I'm about to contradict myself. Because this article is the first installment of a three-part series that'll turn you into a thick, dense, and rugged beast in three short months. Get ready to need bigger shirts and more plates."

Get Lean and Toned, Not Bulky!

Get Lean and Toned, Not Bulky!: Sets and Reps - Long or Short Rest Periods?

People don't think enough about the amount of rest needed in between sets. Different amounts of rest are needed for a strength workout vs. a mass building workout. The same goes for the amount of pause in between each rep. Doing non-stop reps affects your muscles in a much different way than pausing a second in between each rep. Let's address how rest affects the outcome of your workouts."

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